60 Shades Collection launch

Towards the end of August 2015 Amee Philips launched the 60 Shades Collection with events in both Penang and Kuala Lumpur to great acclaim. “The 60 Shades collection represents confidence and sophistication at its best” said Amee You can view the collection here Here are a few memories of the events.

Mother’s Day 2015

MOTHERS are as unique and special as the gemstones they adorn themselves with, says Amee Philips. In conjunction with Mothers Day, Amee Philips together with the jewellery company that bears her name, organised an exclusive brunch session.

Sibling Finery

This article was first published in The Malaysian Women’s Weekly, January 2014 issue. Ais Latsch says most people assume it was a done deal that she and her younger brother, Richard, would join the family jewellery business when they grew up, but that was far from the truth. “Our mum (Amee Philips) supported us in … Continue reading “Sibling Finery”