Size Charts

Measure your wrist for Bracelets, Bangles and Rings

Measure Bracelet Size

  1. If you have a similar good fitting bracelet, open it and measure the length not including any overlap of clasp


  1. Wrap a tape measure around your wrist and note the measurement.
  2. Add 1cm for a nice fit


  1. Cut a 10mm wide strip of paper, mark at one end.
  2. Wrap it around your wrist and make a second mark next to the end mark.
  3. Flatten the strip of paper and use a ruler to measure between the marks.
  4. Add 1cm for a nice fit.

Measure Bangle Size

  1. find a good fitting bangle and measure the widest internal (inside to inside) dimension.


  1. place a ruler or tape measure across the widest part of your wrist (The wrist bones)and note the measurement.
  2. Add 1cm for a nice fit.

Measure Ring size.

  1. Print one of the numerous ring sizing charts available on the internet


  1. Find a similar style ring that fits perfectly.
  2. Cut a 10mm strip of paper and mark it at one end.
  3. Coil it and fit it as big as possible inside the ring.
  4. Make a mark next to the end mark on the outside of the paper
  5. Lay the paper flat and measure in mm with a ruler between the marks.

From this measurement we can make the perfect ring for you.