Gorgeous gowns, Stunning gems

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ALL eyes were focused on a model as she sashayed down the runway, parading a RM400,000 Fair Lady jewellery set.

The gorgeous emerald set, which comprised an exquisite necklace, earrings and a bangle, gleamed under the spotlight during the Fashion Xtravaganza at the Queensbay Mall in Penang yesterday.

Studded with 65 emeralds and 851 diamonds surrounding each emerald, the necklace bedazzled the crowd who had a good look of the jewellery set by Amee Philips Exclusive Jewellery.

The Fashion Xtravaganza was the highlight yesterday at The Star’s Now & Forever – A Carnival of Love bridal event which is being held at the mall until tomorrow.

Ten models took to the stage at the central atrium of the mall in renowned couturier Richard Rivalee’s cocktail dresses and evening gowns in the glittering show.

Forty five dresses and gowns were showcased and the models wore Amee Philips exclusive jewellery when parading in 10 of them.

An eager crowd leaned forward to take a closer look at the range of jewellery sets while shutterbugs took the opportunity to snap their best shots.

Another piece of jewellery that caught the crowd’s attention was the Rock Candy set which is made up of tanzanite and diamond detailed pieces.

The blue jewellery set, which costs RM65,000, comes in a 13-piece tanzamite of 67.98 carat with 340 diamond pieces surrounding them for the necklace, an earring set and a bangle.

The lavender jade pendant with tomarine gems stone was also one of the crowd’s favourite. The lavender jade could also be matched with a pearl string and put on as a bracelet.

But what made the audience sit up in awe was a pearl detailed white wedding gown finished with organza at its tip to go with Amee Philips’ pearl string. The string is said to be able to create more than 13 designs.

The cocktail dresses were mostly in black and white theme while the evening gowns, made of chiffon and satin silk to create a soft, flowy look, were available in red, purple, turquoise, brown and maroon.

“I designed my final nine evening attires in black to show a sense of sheer elegance.

“The black gown is also able to make sure Philips’ jewellery stand out under the spotlight,” Rivalee said.

Rivalee and Philips later appeared with the 10 models in the show’s finale. Organised by Star Publications (M) Bhd and endorsed by Tourism Malaysia and the Penang Government, the bridal fair is to coincide with the auspicious 10/10/10 wedding date.