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If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will reply asap.

01. How should I take care of my Amee Philips jewellery?

Just like a Rolls Royce, your jewellery also needs cleaning and servicing. If you bring your Amee Philips jewellery back to us you can benefit from our free servicing, including cleaning, checking clasps and gemstone fitting, polishing, replating, any repair necessary and restringing for pearls. Your local jeweller may charge you a small fee for each service provided.

When to get a service.
– If your jewellery has lost it’s lustre or shine.
– If your clasp feels loose or unlocks itself
– if you can shake your jewellery near your ear and hear a tick tick sound, you may have a loose gemstone.

Cleaning jewellery with gemstones.
To clean yourself – dip in tepid soapy water and clean GENTLY with a soft tooth brush or cloth, and pH-neutral soap. Then rinse with clean tepid water, wipe gently with a soft lint free cloth to dry. Do not leave gemstones immersed in water, especially pearls, turquoise, opal, coral, emerald which can be porous and may discolour or lose their shine.

Special care for Pearls.
Pearls should be kept free of perfumes, cosmetics, perspiration and cleaning agents. They should be the last thing you put on after your perfume has dried and take them off before your make up, then wipe them gently with a soft lint free cloth before carefully storing.

If a pearl string stretches (pearls become loose on the string), appears frayed or becomes soiled, we encourage you to have your pearls restrung. Every 2 years is recommended in any case.

Storage of jewellery.
Jewellery can scratch other jewellery, so store each piece in it’s original Amee Philips box so it cannot touch other pieces. If stored in the same box, use separate compartments, cloth or plastic zip lock bags to keep each piece separate.

02. How can I avoid damaging my jewellery?

We advise to take the following precautions;
– Avoid Thermal shock – don’t wear jewellery on the beach, at the sauna, or leave it in the sun.
– Remove before activities which could scratch jewellery, especially rings, like gardening, working with hand tools or playing sports.
– Remove before using any cleaning agents, bleach, surface cleaners etc. which can discolour or dull the shine.

Care with rings is particularly important as gemstones and diamonds can chip if knocked.

03. Can I wear my Amee Philips jewellery every day?

With appropriate care you can wear your Amee Philips jewellery as often as you want.
Take special care with beaded necklaces, like pearls, coral, turquoise which are porous and often touch the skin. If worn every day, perfume, cosmetics and perspiration will dull the shine over time, so for everyday wear, wear them off your skin on top of your clothes to keep them shining, or save them for the special occasions to make you feel special too.

05. Is it possible to resize Amee Philips jewellery?

Certainly. Amee Philips stores provide repairing, resizing and adjusting services, with free workmanship for Amee Philips original jewellery. Contact our customer service at customerservice@ameephilips.com or drop in to one of our stores for a consultation.
If it is not convenient to visit our stores, your local high street jeweller can provide the service for a fee.

07. How does Amee Philips select diamonds and gemstones?

Only natural, quality, coloured gemstones are selected for inclusion in Amee Philips jewellery. Decorative diamonds are selected at FG color and VS clarity, which is higher than the regular grade for commercial quality. Certified diamonds are procured to your specification.

08. What are the 4Cs of Diamonds?

The 4Cs is a standard diamond description developed by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), an internationally recognized institution. The four criteria are Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight, and they determine the quality and value of a diamond. A diamond certificate can be requested for any diamonds over 30 points (0.3ct)

Colour – Ranges from D colourless, to Z as the colour becomes more yellow.

Clarity – a measurement of any inclusions in the diamond.

Cut – The proportions and angles of the facets. The closer the cut is to perfection, the greater the diamond’s brilliance.

Carat Weight – simply the weight of the diamond in carats.

09. What is Amee Philips’ return policy?

If you are not entirely satisfied when you receive your Amee Philips jewellery, please contact us.

If we cannot solve your issue you may return it with all the original boxes and packing. (except for personalised or custom designed items)

10. May I return a personally engraved item?

Personally engraved items are considered custom designs and cannot be returned.

11. How can I schedule an Amee Philips consultation?

We would be delighted to see you at one of our stores.
Please contact us for a personal appointment or just drop by.

You will find details of our stores and contact details here