• 60 Shades Necklace R1


    A necklace from our 60 Shades collection featuring amethysts, citrines and Prasiolite gemstones.

  • Tanzanite Temptation

  • Emerald Extacy

  • Soaring Phoenix Necklace

    Magnificent and legendary, the Soaring Phoenix conveys strength and resilience as it rises from its own ashes and soars to great heights. This exquisite collection focuses of a Phoenix with deep red rubellites surrounded by a plumage of rubies and diamonds.

  • Dance of the Phoenix

    Inspired by Nyonya Baba Heritage jewellery. Crafted in yellow gold with rubies and diamonds. The Dance of the Phoenix, the Feng Huang Wu, is very much for today’s modern women. Can be completed with earrings, Rustic Phoenix.

  • Empress Phoenix

    Commanding Empress, passionate and mysterious.
    Red rubellites with sparking diamond plumage set in in 18K White Gold.

  • Emerald Cat’s-eye

  • The Garden of Eden