• 60Shades


    Jump straight into the hustle and bustle of 5th Avenue New York, where sophistication, elegance, confidence and the flamboyance of the rich and famous permeate the air with many shades of colours. The 60Shades brings out your individual character and projects your personality through colourful and elegant designs.
  • Cocoon


    Seek inspiration from caterpillars transforming themselves into butterflies with a piece our Cocoon Collection. Like a beautiful butterfly breaks out of its cocoon, we need to break out of our routine, and create a new viewpoint for ourselves.
  • Conqueror


    Looked upon in awe, your reputation is known far and wide. You are the bold conqueror - unafraid and unrelenting. You have won many great achievements, and each piece is a tribute to your success. You are the hero that takes on the world, because nothing is impossible.
  • The Phoenix

    The Phoenix

    Like the mythological bird that consumes itself with fire and then rises renewed from the ashes, this collection brims with fiery rubies, rubelites and diamonds. Inspired by Baba Nyonya Heritage jewellery, The Phoenix Collection is all about reinventing yourself. A new you, where everything is possible once again.
  • The Red Carpet

    The Red Carpet

    Nothing says glamour like the iconic red carpet - the flashes of light, the clicking of cameras, the heels, the postures. The centre of attention is you, so let your personality shine through. With all kinds of gemstones and diamonds in big sets, you'll keep the spotlight firmly on you.
  • Jadeite


    The Empress' Treasure
    Jadeite jewellery is as individual and unique as the woman who wears it.
    Amee Philips
  • The Connoisseur

    The Connoisseur

    Whether for the rarity of its colour, size, source or special effects, we painstakingly pick the most unavailable gems for one reason only - for you to have what no one else in the world will ever have. Like the finest wine or art masterpieces, The Connoisseur’s Collection is reserved only for those who know how to appreciate the finer things in life.
  • The Rebel

    The Rebel

    You are daring and audacious. Chunky gold bangles and rings, adorned with diamonds or gems, will subtly reveal your inner rebel.
  • Cocktail