All about Amee

Amee takes her energy and inspiration from the gems she works with.

Her creations begin with stones rather than sketches. “I choose gems for their individual beauty,” she explains. “When I combine them, I start by laying them out in the shape and structure that I have in mind. I like to see how they work together – to explore and experiment with their relationship with each other – before drawing a design.”

Amee Philips

As coloured gems are the heroes of Amee’s designs, so gemstone expertise is at the heart of her business. Born and bred in Penang, her fascination with all that glitters began when she moved to Europe in the early 80’s. Amee, who has a natural talent for colour and cut, honed her skills in Europe’s century old gemstone capital, Idar Oberstein. Looking at gems every day trained her eye for quality and value, and Amee developed a reputation for selecting and securing the finest stones. She then returned to her beloved Penang to build a jewellery wholesale business that became synonymous with quality and integrity.

Amee soon began to design herself. “It was a natural progression,” she explains. “When I see wonderful stones I can’t help but think about how to help them sparkle and shine.” She remembers her first sale. “I’d designed a piece to wear to a Chinese New Year’s party – a string of 21 rubies, set in gold. The night had barely begun when a fellow guest asked if I could make one for her too. Rubies are my birth stone, and I guess they proved lucky for me because that experience gave me the confidence to found Amee Philips Fine Jewellery Design.”

Amee Philips

The rubies may have been lucky, but it’s Amee’s creative vision, and talent for bringing stones to life, that has won her a loyal following, a string of awards and partnerships with international designers. Amee Philips designs take classical, contemporary and multi-cultural influences and fuse them into unique pieces of wearable art. Her patented V-clip – which allows the wearer to customise jewellery to suit their mood and occasion – redefines the potential of favourite pieces and placed Amee at the forefront of innovation in jewellery design.

But what really matters to Amee is how wearing her designs makes people feel. “I want to create jewellery that comes to life when you wear it,” she says. “Pieces which are exciting and uplifting to wear today, and which can be handed down through the generations.” Amee Phillips’ Fine Jewellery has an enduring quality that goes beyond fleeting fashion. Just like the gems themselves.